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asalab 256 channel recording

asalab 256 channel recording

256 channel EEG/ERP configuration

A 256-channel EEG/ERP system consist of two cascaded 128 channel amplifiers. The specifications of the cascased system are the same for the single amplifier; which means that you can actually record 256 channels at a sampling rate of 2kHz!

Preparation of recording took 30 minutes

Data was collected using our 256-channel waveguard cap. This cap uses active noise cancellation and has special Ag/AgCl electrodes which provide high-quality, stable and noise-free recordings. 
The application of the cap takes about 30 minutes. This is the time needed from the actual application of the cap until the moment you can start recording. 
For this recording we used one electrode on the face as ground electrode.

256 channel raw data


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