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Products related to EMG & TMS


With our eego 8 solutions, research grade quality EEG or EMG is now possible from your pocket or the palm of your hand. They are great for real-time applications such as BCI and neurofeedback.

Powerful high-frequency TMS as well as high precise single pulse and repetitive pulse protocols are combined in one single device: the PowerMAG ANT 100.

visor2XT is an advanced multimodality neuronavigation solution that satisfie even the most demanding research and clinical requirements for combined EEG-TMS recordings and functional mapping for pre-surgical evaluation.

visor2™LT is a highly configurable system for combined EMG-TMS experiments, accurate real-time visualization of stimulated brain areas for reliable motor mapping in pre-surgical and functional evaluation.

The new frontier in multimodal brain research. With up to 16 kHz sampling rate, 32-256 EEG channels and unique software features, eego mylab gives you an unprecedented in-depth understanding of the human brain.



visor2ST is the complete rTMS lab for the most advanced research and treatments in neuromodulation. A supreme solution for virtually every TMS application.

As per 1 January 2016, the asalab solution is no longer available. It is replaced by eego mylab. Read on to see what this means for existing asalab users.

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