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Complete solution (hardware & software)

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With our eego 8 solutions, research grade quality EEG or EMG is now possible from your pocket or the palm of your hand. They are great for real-time applications such as BCI and neurofeedback.

waveguardTMtouch is a dry electrode EEG cap for use in combination with our eego EEG amplifier series. This great innovation paves the way for the future of EEG with many exciting application areas.

Powerful high-frequency TMS as well as high precise single pulse and repetitive pulse protocols are combined in one single device: the PowerMAG ANT 100.

visor2XT is an advanced multimodality neuronavigation solution that satisfie even the most demanding research and clinical requirements for combined EEG-TMS recordings and functional mapping for pre-surgical evaluation.

visor2™LT is a highly configurable system for combined EMG-TMS experiments, accurate real-time visualization of stimulated brain areas for reliable motor mapping in pre-surgical and functional evaluation.

visor2™QT  has been designed with real passion for the clinical user: accurate real-time 3D neuronavigation, intuitive step-by-step workflows and hardware design that makes sense. The perfect solution for routine clinical use.

The new frontier in multimodal brain research. With up to 16 kHz sampling rate, 32-256 EEG channels and unique software features, eego mylab gives you an unprecedented in-depth understanding of the human brain.



eego rt comprises everything needed for brain-computer interfaces (BCI), neurofeedback and related fields in a compact tablet-sized device, available in three standard configurations for direct access high-density EEG recordings of up to 16, 32 or 64 channels. 

eego amplifier is designed with mobility in mind. eego sports offers complete freedom to collect high-density EEG data, bipolar EMG signals, and a variety of physiological sensor data, wherever and whenever required, with publish quality data in less than 15 minutes!




smartmove is a complete solution for field visualization and temporally accurate TMS positioning within the subject's cranium.


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